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Backstage Live - San Antonio, Texas


"The Filth and The Flautas" A concert commemorating the 35th Anniversary of the Sex Pistols' 1978 Ra
Backstage Live -


Saturday, January 5, 2013 - Backstage Live

"The Filth and The Flautas" A concert commemorating the 35th Anniversary of the Sex Pistols' 1978 Randy's Rodeo appearance.
Piñata Protest - currently SA's biggest punk export.
Sons of Hercules - SA's oldest school garage rock band. Featuring Frank Pugliese of the Vamps (opened '78 show).
The Nervebreakers - Proto-punk Get Hip! recording artists from Dallas. Opened the Pistols '78 show at the Longhorn Ballroom in Dallas.
Ultra - SA rock'n'roll war horses (opened '78 show).
Hickoids - Austin and SA's original cowpunk band. Performing the Sex Pistols' Randy's set.
Lower Class Brats - Austin, TX street punk heroes.
The Next - Austin Raul's era punk with San Antonio roots.
The Clampdown - SA based tribute to Joe Strummer and The Clash.
Heather Go Psycho - San Antonio based all-female necia rock.
Texas Biscuit Bombs - Houston, TX playing classic Texas punk of the Big Boys, Dicks, Really Red and more.


6-6:30 CHELSEA HOTEL (replacing Texas Biscuit Bombs)
7:20-7:50 THE NEXT
8:00-8:30 CLAMPDOWN
8:40-9:10 PURPLE STICKPIN ( featuring T. Tex Edwards of The Nervebreakers, replacing The NB's due to death of a family member)
9:20-10 ULTRA
10:10-10:50 HICKOIDS
11:45-12:25 SONS OF HERCULES
12:35-close PIÑATA PROTEST

Admission: $8 advance/$12 door, All Ages, Ticket outlets: Planet K locations in SA, Austin and San Marcos, Flipside Recs, Backstage Live Box Office and online at:


Planet K presents
“The Filth and The Flautas”
A Concert Commemorating The Sex Pistols at Randy’s Rodeo 01/08/1978
“The Filth & The Flautas” is an all ages concert commemorating The Sex Pistols 1978 San Antonio appearance. Combining legacy acts that opened the Texas dates with younger talent who reinvent the attitude and spirit of those heady days this promises to be a night to remember.
January 8, 1978 is day that will live infamously in rock’n’roll history. Punk Rock was in its nascence. It had a lurid air of danger, grime and sex hanging about it. There was no internet, MTV or Hot Topic. In the U.S. the standard of information about emerging rock acts at the time was monthly magazines; Rolling Stone, Creem, Circus and Crawdaddy. For those who wished to dig deeper copies of British weeklies Melody Maker and New Music Express could be found at big city record stores.
The Sex Pistols were perhaps the most sensationalized musical act out of the U.K since the Beatles spearheaded the British Invasion. While by no means the first punk band, and having been influenced greatly by contemporary American acts including the Stooges and New York Dolls, The Sex Pistols distilled the rage of Britain’s unemployed and disaffected youth. Under the crafty guidance and manipulation of Malcolm McClaren and with the benefit of the UK’s “yellow” press and relatively fast paced media The Sex Pistols quickly became a household name in the island nation. Combining their ripped clothes, safety pinned and spiked hair look, foul mouthed demeanor and a raw sound that simultaneously recalled and obliterated Eddie Cochran they managed to take that distilled rage and incite disgust, shock and horror among the country’s populace.
Largely banned from performing in the UK by 1978 The Pistols were now scheduled to make a handful of American appearances in the Southern and Western U.S. and among the unlikely venues was San Antonio’s Randy’s Rodeo. The country-western dance hall on the city’s Northwest Side and San Antonio itself was culture clash to everything The Sex Pistols represented and a circus was not a promise, it was a guarantee.
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